Jn March 2020 I was invited by Professor Adrian Hearn from Melbourne University to be part of  the creative team and create WHO IS NATURE, a 360-degrees interactive film invites you on a journey to five Latin American and Australian sites of ceremonial exchange with nature.

My role was to design in 3D 360 VR animation, the Indigenous Nanda Dreamtime serpent Beemarra story, the creator of the West of Australia

VOICE OF THE EARTH mapping dream ( 360˚ VR experience )

Location: Alexander Gardens, Melbourne CBD

VOICE OF THE EARTH It is inspired by the traditional cultures’ (both Indigenous Australian and Latin-American) mystical environmental stories, art and sacred music, focusing on the interconnections between the lore of each culture with regards to the environment. I have consulted with the Bunurong Boon Wurrung & Kulin nation people on their unique connection with this land.